We are JACCOO-B2BANK, a proven platform for Corporates and Banks.
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Proven at the world biggest oil company and the biggest insurance company in the Netherlands.
The underlying goal of JACCOO is to successfully execute payments on an enterprise-wide basis independent from Banks. The increased push to consolidate treasury activities to a small number of locations across the globe; make payment hubs ideal, as they offer required combination of localized flexibility with centralized control and visibility. 
Our company/product will make cash visibility available for every company. We will make a significant change on how payments are nowadays. Our concept and technology will change the way corporates handle payments.

 JACCOO is a financial intelligence management system for businesses that work with multiple banks and in multiple countries. JACCOO is the centralized (cloud & server) solution between ERP and Banks. All incoming and outgoing transactions are processed and stored in our database, making a consolidated view of the complete cash position easy. Which enables the organization to make financial decisions with more confidence?

The JACCOO platform can be deployed in several different ways. This enables JACCOO’s cutting edge technology to be available to a wide range of businesses. The platform is incredibly flexible and scalable. JACCOO architecture is based on BIAN standards and ISO 20022.

We offer services and products that cover the entire scope of payments for businesses that work with multiple banks.

Customers use our product because they are better than other tools on the market. With our product true integration between ERP and Banks can be accomplished.

Customers use our product because they are proven in the biggest oil company world wide and in the biggest insurance company in the Netherlands.

Customers use our products because the JACCOO platform promises improved visibility and control over cash, as well as increased negotiating power with banking partners.

Customers use our products because they tightly integrate with all ERP systems. Our solutions can be used via any web browser and have a responsive design that enables them to operate on all devices that has a web browser independent on screen size. Include any mobile device.
With our products, a centralized payment solution is made available for all corporates with multiple bank accounts, catalyzing quicker decisions and actions, leading to continuous improvements in the daily operations.

- Bulk processing for payments and debits
- Automation enrichment and repair
- Plug-in banks, affiliates and applications
- Format conversion tools
- Security and audit management
- Detailed reporting and reconciliation

- Reduced transactional and operational costs
- Improved visibility to enterprise-wide payment flows
- Harmonize and optimize payment flows
- Streamline banking relationships
- Minimize manual processing
- Increase efficiencies
- Minimize fraud and error



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