JACCOO receivables is designed for real time DSO and more control over your accounting and treasury lifecycle.

JACCOO Receivables in combination with JACCOO Reconciliaton makes sure you have your up-to-date Working Capital insight every morning before 9.00 AM and improve the performance of your working capital to generate cash and see benefits far beyond the finance department.

JACCOO receivables is a browser based solution. JACCOO Receivables is the debtor's reconciliation part of the JACCOO platform. All electronic bank accounts are stored in the central database. The detailed information will be matched against the outstanding invoices. Even long before official working time starts.

JACCOO ensures a very high grade of matching and straight-through processing. This means manual processing of the bank accounts are history by using JACCOO Receivable.

The receivables solution provides an environment which fully complies with the SEPA requirements, the formats according to ISO 20022 and the rulebook and regulations of the European Payments Council (EPC). All the information will be stored in the central database of JACCOO, proving JACCOO receivables is more than just a package or a piece of software.

It offers the possibility to predict the future from data from the past and to analyze the payment behavior (DSO) of debtors. The receivables solution is fundamental for good cash management and cash forecasting.

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